Once we started talking with people about the realities of fast fashion, we found that the same question was coming up time and time again: “So, where can I shop?”

That’s why we launched #OnWednesdaysWeWearEthical. Every Wednesday, we share a brand on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts that is creating fashion in a positive and stylish way. While the interpretation of ‘ethical’ varies from brand to brand, whether they have a zero-waste policy, combat the use of sweatshops, use organic fabric or champion diversity in their marketing, the clothing labels we pick all have one thing in common: they are fashionable and available for customers in the UK to buy now.   

So next time you’re in search of new items to add to your wardrobe, you can search the hashtag #OnWednesdaysWeWearEthical and be inspired by more exciting and uplifting brands to shop.

The latest #OnWednesdaysWeWearEthical posts:


We also invite ethical fashion champions to share their sustainable style using the hashtag too, to spread the message that conscious consumerism is possible no matter what your style or budget. Next time you’re wearing an ethical brand, a charity shop find, hand-me-down or vintage, share your outfit on social media on a Wednesday, including the hashtag, and encourage others to do the same.

If you’re a brand who would like to be featured on our social media pages for #OnWedensdaysWearEthical, contact us here